4se Material – When Did Chess Become Cool?: The Changing Perception of the World’s Most Played Sport

In this first episode, we cast our eyes towards the chess world to tell the story of the historical and ongoing popularity of the game. When exactly did the reputation of the game go from purely academic, and somewhat stuffy, to cool and accessible?

Throughout the episode, we seek to answer these questions by exploring the game’s universal appeal, the role that technology has played in its growth, and the momentous increase in participation throughout the pandemic, particularly following the release of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. And we did so with the help of Malcolm Pein, International Master and former professional chess player, now International Director of the English Chess Federation (ECF); Emil Sutovsky, Grandmaster and Director-General of chess world governing body, Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE); and Henrik Carlsen, Board Member of the Play Magnus Group and father five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen.

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