4se Material - Controls, clicks, communities: How livestreaming became a game changer

Exploring the transformation of the gaming and esports landscape through platforms such as Twitch. Youtube Gaming and Kick.

4se Material explores some of the many stories at the intersection of sport, entertainment, lifestyle and culture. In this episode, we look towards gaming, gaming influencers and esports athletes – and how they’ve utilised livestreaming to forge a legitimate career path that only two decades ago would seem entirely unfeasible.

How has the rise of livestreaming change how games are played, shared and even made? How has it aided in the professionalisation of esports? And how has it created a new kind of influencer, and a new kind of athlete?

To provide all pixels needed to build a complete picture, we needed four contributors. To help us understand the world of esports and professional gaming, we spoke to Alexander Inglot, Commissioner of the ESL Pro League; speaking primarily to gaming from the perspective of talent, we have interviewed Stephanie Ijoma, Founder and CEO of NNESaga; for a journalistic viewpoint, we reached out to Grant Taylor-Hill, who has written for Game Rant, Insider Gaming and Esports.net; and for insight on overall impact of livestreaming on the gaming industry, we connected with Kristina Skogvard - Marketing Manager and Team Lead at esports data provider Abios.

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