23 - 24 May 2023

Unleash the future of multi-industry innovation.

the potential
of multi-industry

A two-day event experience exploring the intersection between sport, lifestyle, culture and entertainment.


About 4se

The integration of sport, lifestyle, culture and entertainment is happening at pace.

4se is the space where growth happens when these industries collide.

It’s time to take a step back to make a leap forward. Take a wider view and find new inspiration.

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Today’s sporting events welcome people of all ages and backgrounds seeking more than just their share of action on the pitch. Crowds at the biggest sporting events are placing more value in the entertainment and pleasure they offer off the pitch, as much as on the pitch.
Gen Z are living in a single digital environment consuming and communicating at leisure across gaming, music and OTT streaming platforms. This presents a need to understand immersive experiences that blend traditional culture with a digitally connected vision for the future.
We are increasingly seeing brands rely on the star power of talent from outside their sector to highlight core messages. This cross-section, be it from the world of sport, television, film, music or fashion can be just as effective in their campaigns, if not more so, which in turn can broaden both audience and appeal.
For consumer brands and the wider entertainment world, there’s a huge opportunity to engage the biggest sporting brands and athletes across the globe, align products and strategies and ultimately convert their loyal fans to 365 consumers.
4 Pillars

AudienceWho will be there

Major league sports. Media and entertainment organisations. Broadcasters. Movie production houses. Social platforms. Music labels. Venues. Consumer brands. Investors. Gaming and esports. Agencies.

Innovators and early adopters alike, join the curve before it's too late.


Meet our 2022innovators

Soak up the expertise and get some inspiration from some of the most inspiring people within the sport, entertainment, lifestyle and culture arena.


Meet our 2022innovators

Soak up the expertise and get some inspiration from some of the most inspiring people within the sport, entertainment, lifestyle and culture arena.

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Expand your inter-industry black book

You don't know who you don't know. Engaging face to face with the multiple decision makers required to green light large scale, cross industry, partnerships is fundamental to growing in this space. Align with peers from other brands and industries, share goals and ideate for the future.

Learn from the pioneers within the space

See firsthand what great collaboration looks like. Understand what works and what doesn't. How are different organisations partnering to grow their respective audiences and fan bases? The content will always aim to inspire, to hero the stories of those leading in this space and stimulate ideas for those in the room.

Get a head start

PSG x Air Jordan. BMW x Louis Vuitton. Stormzy’s Merky FC x Adidas.

Unique collabs are being announced every week as organisations get wise to the enormous opportunity. Partnerships that push the boundaries of audience engagement are becoming increasingly more creative. Arm yourself with the know how and the relationships to put your organisation at the center of this movement.


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